12 March 2011 0 Comments


Oh man who doesn´t love to party, its one of those times when you have the feeling where anything could happen and one of the only times where people let loose and forget all of their problems.

So without further ado here I give you 5 classic party anthems if you don’t recognice all of these songs shame on you , so what you waiting for pump that fucker up pop them beers open and get ready for a night out on the town.

1.- Motley Crue – Girls, Girls, Girls.


2.-Twisted Sister – I wanna rock


3.-Quiet Riot – Come on feel the noise


4.-AC/DC – You shook me all night long


5.-Def leppard – Pour some sugar on me

And the king of all classic party songs drum roll please rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

6.- Queen – Don´t stop me now



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