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Listen to this band: Animals as Leaders



Animals as Leaders – Animals as Leaders

Track List

  1. “Tempting Time”
  2. “Soraya”
  3. “Thoroughly at Home”
  4. “On Impulse”
  5. “Tessitura”
  6. “Behaving Badly”
  7. “The Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing”
  8. “CAFO”
  9. “Inamorata”
  10. “Point to Point”
  11. “Modern Meat”
  12. “Song of Solomon”

If you’re a fan of metal, prog or instrumental music in general you have got to make yourself a favor and listen to animals as leaders.

These dudes just take you on a fantastic voyage trough musical bliss that caresses your mind, the way tosin abasi moves trough the fretboard of the guitar is amazing almost like a second language to him.

Also be sure to check out tosin´s other band Born of Osiris uuuff brutalized metal with grunging vocals spewed forth trough your face.




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