25 April 2012 0 Comments

Killswitch Engage – Prelude/Vide Infra (Live) with Jesse leach

Here is Jessee’s first footage of him playing in Killswitch again, so are you excited yet?

When I first heard Killswitch engage back in 2002 I really liked them ,and they quickly became one of my favorite bands, back then I was a teenager that barely listened to any metal and the heaviest bands I used to listen to were slipknot and children of Bodom.

To me they were perfect, the combination of brutal screams and melodic singing just blended blissfully with the heavy riffing in the background, but then they changed vocalists.

I’m not saying Howard was bad but I just never really liked his singing style and to me Killswitch were never the same after they switched vocalists I just didn’t listen to them anymore, well earlier this year they announced that Jesse was coming back and I got really excited, seeing this first footage makes me eager to listen to new material and to see what magical things they can come up with.



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