18 February 2010 0 Comments

Essential items to take on your rock tour

So you have your band and you decide to hit the road to spread your music everywhere, but you have never traveled with other dudes for such a long time before and believe me it´s going to get ugly if you don´t take precautions.

So here´s some essential items you definitely need to pack:

Personal hygiene items: you´re going to be stuck in a van with some other dudes for who knows how long so you better take some deodorant, cologne, toothbrush and any other thing you might need to make sure you don´t be stinking that bitch up.

Sleeping bag: you never know if your´re going to have a place to spend the night in so always bring the good ol sleepin so you can bust that thing out a bam! you sleeping in trees, mountains, lakes you name it  and you own it.

Food: Snacks are always welcome and you never know when you might need em so stack em up in that sack of yours cause it could be a long trip and you don´t want to be cooking roadkill in the middle of the night.

Clean underwear: O shit, this is a must you must have clean underwear at all times there´s nothing worse than not having back up undies in case any accident may happen.


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