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“Djent” The next big thing??

First of all, If you don’t know what djent is here is a link so you know what I’m talking about.


Throughout the history of heavy music we have always seen a tendency or popularization of a certain sub genre. From Glam to Nu metal, from trash to Grunge. There is always a sub genre that tends to stick out more and even appeal to non heavy music fans. Lately we all know that one of the most popular subgenres is the -core music and scene.

Be it Deathcore, metalcore, burguercore, etc. Obviously like we have seen through the history of heavy music, the ones that matter will prevail while the copycat bunch will just stay in the shadows until … well their death or people just not caring anymore.

Lately there is a new type of sound that some people refer to as “djent” . I am actually a huge fan of the djent sound and the bands that are coming from this new wave. So I wanted to write this article to show some bands that I personally love and to hear from you guys if you think this will be the New Nu metal or the new metalcore or perhaps just an awesome subgenre.

Here is Icarus lives from periphery an awesome song from an awesome record check it out. There is also an instrumental version, so there is something for everyone .

Here is Concealing Fate part 2 : Deception from Djent Juggernauts Tesseract. Check that EP out dude its freaking sweet

And last but definitely not least, Animals as fucking leaders. So Grab your nearest beer and some sweet ass chronic and rip this baby into your speakers. That’s all Djentlemen!!


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