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5 tips for beginning guitarists

So you chose the guitar as your main weapon of destruction, and  for that we salute you. The guitar is not only iconic but a shitload of fun to play,  but “I have no idea where to start” you say well fear not young warrior here we offer you five essential tips so you can be on your way to conquering arenas and women around the world.

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  1. Warm up those limbs: Playing a guitar is just like exercise, either you warm up or you end up getting injured so every time before you start playing dedicate at least 10 min warming up your hands, do some basic hand stretches with each finger and rotate the wrists, then learn some basic figures for the guitar and repeat them for a while increasing the speed slowly.
  2. Learn the almighty power chord: There is a ton of chords out there and they all have their place in composition but if you´re just starting and want to learn some essential chords i would recommend learning the powerchord. This chord is used in all kinds of music and it´s super easy to learn.
  3. Learn techniques from as many places as possible: Look everywhere for tips tutorials etc. Jam with everyone expand your knowledge any way you can you never know when the next inspiration may come from.
  4. Learn some basic scales: They may be boring and you’re probably thinking that they get in the way of you learning that awesome song you really want to play but they pay off in the long run plus they´re really good warm up exercises.
  5. Practice : Practice practice and then practice some more, the best guitarist weren´t born with a guitar in hand and most virtuosos practice 8 hours a day, but always take a little break between practice sessions you also don´t want to fuck up your tendons.

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